About Us

Urban Country is a dream come true for owner Sandra Neilson. Working many years in retail, both at store & head office level for large women’s clothing companies is where Sandra gained her knowledge & love for working with the public & in retail. Urban Country is ever evolving, since the opening in June 2009, and in 2012, when Sandra saw a need in the community for Helium Balloons & Helium Ballon Decor, this too was added to Urban Country services. When Sandra decides to add Helium balloons she again took the plunge & learnt all she could about this industry; becoming a balloon expert as a Certified Balloon Artist! At the same time, Gift Baskets were added to Urban Country  repertoire. Custom, Corporate and one time needed baskets or all kinds & values were added & continue to be a favourite for Sandra to create & deliver to her customers.

The focus of Urban Country however, has always been and will continue to be the Unique Decor and Gifts offered in Urban Country; with the focus being on Primitive Country and Country Decor & Fixings. Sandra has always loved Country & Primitive Country Decor, taking a “farm” item such as an old discarded milk can & turning into a functional item, such as a table or lamp , that can be reused in your home . Since it is so difficult to find this type of decor in Canada, Sandra decided to offer this Decor in Urban Country. She hopes you love the items & the store as much as she does! So thank you for shopping at Urban Country, because without you, there is no Urban Country!

We offer public or private workshop parties, fundraising and more!